The Comic Book Code of 1954
  • The Comic Book Code of 1954

    The Comic Book Code of 1954
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    As I read through the Code it struck me how much our society has lost on it’s way to supposed self actualization and freedom. Is it really so difficult for us to imagine a world where we do not have to filter every situation thorough a relativistic morality filter but instead have definite benchmarks set that allow us to see right from wrong, good from evil and apply known rules of conduct. Some might say we as a society still have standards but it seems that those standards are shrinking faster than polar ice and more nearly resemble the random Brownian movement of microscopic particles suspended in a liquid or gas than the firm footing of bedrock that one would want to be on when facing down evil.

    When the folks who formulated the comic book code of 1954 got together, they picked out the substance of what might affect the psyche of a growing child. It turns out that there is little that they had to say that wouldn’t be helpful to the adults of the 21st century.

    The Code advocates Standards. A few of them are: Don’t glorify crime or criminals. Stay away from excessive gore and violence. Don’t ridicule or attack any religious or racial group. Special precautions to avoid references to physical afflictions and or deformities should be taken. Don’t spew profanity and vulgarity. While slang is acceptable in some measure, excessive use should be discouraged and whenever possible, good grammar should be used. Treat people with dignity. Don’t glorify promiscuity and emphasize the value of home and the sanctity of marriage.

    Jumpin’ jehoshaphat! Wow! Bang! Pow! Zowie! BiFF! I’ll wear my t-shirt proudly and be grateful that I grew up reading Marvel and DC comics.

    © by JKW

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