Snarky Shirt - People like you are the Reason People Need Meds
  • Snarky Shirt – People like you are the Reason People like me Need Meds

    Snarky Shirt – ONE OF THE BEST

    People like you are the reason people like me need meds.Funny Shirt that shows the annoying people of the world exactly what you think of them!

    People Like You are the Reason People Like Me Need Medication
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    They say every joke is a half truth… Now, as a rule we learned in kindergarten, it’s never okay to be purposely mean. However, like most rules and laws, the whole “Treat Others How You Want to be Treated” thing has a loophole.

    …IT’S CALLED HUMOR! I would consider this snarky shirt a prime example. There’s always that someone. Someone soooooooo intolerable that has weaseled their way into your life. (Who knows, you could be that person in someone else’s life.)

    We liked this shirt because it’s more than something to cover your boobies, it’s an OPPORTUNITY to get a little inner giggle.

    EXAMPLE AS TO WHY: [Insert person’s name that you hate here] walks up, being all themmmmmm, and such. Then they scan the text across your chest, repeat the phrase out loud TO you (AS IF you didn’t already know what you were wearing… so them), they let out a super “hardy har har” laugh in the douchiest way possible – but the real laughs are happening in in your brain!

    IT’S ABOUT THEM AND THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW IT. Not sure why (not a psychologist here), but it’s so gratifying! That damn fool.

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    Here are a couple of the personality traits we feel are represented here:
    1.They are so astoundingly awesome that they give you a major inferiority complex – which necessitates an antidepressant . . .

    2. They are so annoying they make you break out in hives – which necessitates a lengthy course of steroids. . .

    3. They’re so boring you need a valium just to perk yourself up a little . . .

    Whoever you personally hate, the slogan on this T-shirt is aimed squarely at them: People like you are the reason people like me need meds.



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