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    Celebrate Diversity – A List of My Favorite Science Fiction Weapons

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    Even the most peace loving Sci-Fi fan has moments when they would dearly like to get their hands on some of the coolest weapons this universe or many parallel universes are ever likely to see. They are the weapons of science fiction and fantasy. I’ve never wanted to adorn my forehead with prosthetics or attach pointed ear tips to my own nicely rounded ones but the temptation to pick up a Bat’Leh , making it one with my arm and brandishing it with convincing flourishes like a proper Klingon warrior has held an allure for me since the day Worf demonstrated it to his son Alexander.

    Here is the list of my favorite science fiction and fantasy weapons. If you have some of your own that aren’t mentioned here please let me know about them.

    Star Wars Weapons, Light SaberLight Saber – So pervasive that I think if you showed up in Borneo with one there would be someone who would like to duel with you. Star Wars uber alis

    Star Wars Weapons, RPG Star Wars Weapon-Bajic Blaster This heavy blaster pistol was designed for security forces of the planet Devi, a somewhat backwater spot in the Empire. Can also be found in RPG circles.

    Romulan disruptor rifle, Romulan Weapons, Star Trek WeaponsRomulon Disrupter Rifle There are energy weapons that appear benign but this is not one of them. Romulons have many models. At least on or two for every episode and movie where Romulons appear. They are much sleeker than the disrupters used by Klingons but are just as deadly with “stun” settings non-existent.

    Klingon Weapons, Star Trek WeaponsKlingon Knife or D’k tahg Klingons understand blades. I adore the D’k tahg because the two curved secondary blades make a menacing sound when they are triggered. Used in hand-to-hand combat it is also used for ceremonial purposes among the Klingons. Jean -Luc Picard had a sheathed D’k tahg in his personal quarters on the Enterprise

    Thor's Hammer, Thors Hammer, Viking and Celtic weapons Mjollnir: This is Thor’s magic hammer and while Thor is featured prominently in Earth mythology he also make many appearances in science fiction and fantasy television programs, films and RPGs.

    Plasma Pistol, Sci-Fi Weapons, Science Fiction Weapons Plasma Pistol: Where there are rifles there are pistols. If you are shooting at close rang a rifle just isn’t normally the weapon of choice. Like the plasma rifle it fires energy bolts made of superheated ionized gas instead of conventional projectile ammo yet it is not a laser/phase type of raygun

    Plasma Rifle, Halo 3 Weapons, Gamer WeaponsPlasma Rifle: As you might guess this is a very popular device and has crossed over into more science fiction stories than I could possibly count. It seems like it is currently the darling of HALO players throughout the world

    Star Trek Weapons, Bat Lev, Trek WeaponBat’Leth or Bat’Lev is a marvelous blade weapon of Klingon origin. A thing of beauty to behold and an awesome weapon in hand to hand combat.

    RayGun, Ray Gun, Directed-energy weaponRaygun: there are so many permutations of this precursor to the phaser that it is hard to pick one to serve as the quintessential representation of the whole. When I think of rayguns it harkens back to Buck Rodgers and strangely Blake’s 7

    Type 2 Phaser Pistol: Depending on what age and which incarnation of Star Trek you first saw it will affect how you relate to phasers. There have been so many different shapes and sizes. I prefer mine with a distinctive pistol grip handle. Nifty weapons that can be set to stun as well as kill they also can heat up rocks when you have no other way of keeping yourself warm and a thousand and one other uses if you are stranded on a desert or ice planet.

    Zat Gun, Stargate Weapons, SG1 WeaponsZat Gun or as a Jaffa might say a Zat’nik’tel You don’t have to step through a Stargate to appreciate the sleek lines of this handheld energy weapon. One blast and it will stun you, two it will kill you and the third will disintegrate you. It resembles a coiled snake that snake forward when fired.

    Star Trek Weapons, Star Trek Next Generation Weapons Cobrahead Phaser A Star Trek Next Generation hand weapon, it looked more like a dustbuster than a weapon to me but it was important in NextGen and that’s a good enough reason for me.

    Krull Glav, Krull Weapons, Science Fiction Weapons Krull Glav or Glaive although a Glaive is more of a staff weapon and a Glave is certainly not a staff weapon. It may look like a martial arts throwing star but is more like a magical, mystical flying Frisbee of death. Check out the wicked blades that can be thrown from any point on the weapon.

    Gravity Gun, Sci-Fi Weapons, Science Fiction WeaponsGravity Gun aka Zero-Point Energy Manipulator is an example of a video game weapon. It was among the first to create a greater sense of immersion through the use of in game physics. Some people prefer the BFG 9000 but when push comes to shove most enjoy the unlimited ammo and versatility of the Gravity Gun

    Fuel Rod Cannon, Sci-Fi Weapon, Halo WeaponsFuel Rod Cannon: A vehicle mounted weapon. Used for anti-air and anti-vehicle action. Lightweight artillery.

    Steampunk Pistol, Cyberpunk Pistol, sci-fi weaponsSteampunk Pistol: Jules Verne and H.G. Wells would have loved this and so do we. When Steampunk emerged back in the late ’80s only a small proportion of Sci-Fi fans had been aware of it as a literary genre. By the dawn of the 21st Century it not only has found an audience, but indeed has become a subculture with its fashion and art found at any SF convention of any size. We just had to include a Steampunk weapon worthy of Artemus Gordon of the Wild, Wild West. I’m talking about the original 1960′ television series not the dreadful 1999 film remake.

    by ©JKW

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