Rhinestone T-Shirts
  • Rhinestone T-Shirts

    Rhinestone T-Shirts

    Attention Ladies! Sparkly Shirts are the best way to express your girly side! Check out some of the best below!

    by © JKW
    Rhinestones are bright, shiny and when teamed with an awesome idea or graphic design they can add that extra oomph to stand out in a good way. Feeling daring? Put on a red rhinestone embellished Wicked t-shirt. Want to feel purrrfect in a casual way?

    What about some rhinestone kitty cats? In a darker mood ? Go Goth or Emo with a studded skull that looks good during the day and even better at night. Not that rhinestone tees need to wait till the sun goes down to look good. Sunlight makes them flash and blaze with a touch of aurora borealis that captures the eye. Near candlelight they seem to flicker and twinkle with great depth. Even under harsh office lighting their luminosity and glitter can cheer you up.

    Almost anything looks better once you add the magic touch of sparkle that rhinestones provide when used correctly.

    Lest you think this is just a passing fad, you may want to consider that rhinestones have been around for hundreds of years and with every passing generation people seem to discover their beauty anew. For myself, the use of rhinestones to brighten up t-shirts seems much more appealing than iridescent cell phones or iPods.

    Unlike blood diamonds you can wear rhinestones and rhinestuds without the smallest amount of guilt. You can sparkle to your heart’s content without ever worrying about destroying your family’s economic wellbeing. So indulge a little with your very own rhinestone studded t-shirt today!

    © JKW

    Here Is A Wicked Cool Selection Of Rhinestone Shirts:

    Give Cancer the Boot


    Angel Wings On Back

    Walking in Authority

    FAITH and Cross

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