Pirate Shirt for Women
  • Represent the BADASS Pirate Women of History! We found a Pirate Shirt for that!

    Pirate Princess

    A SUPER stylish Pirate Shirt for Women that will transform being Cute with a little Danger, to becoming a Dangerously Cute Pirate Princess.


    Transform being Cute with a little Danger to becoming Dangerously Cute with this sparkly Pirate shirt.


    Plunder on the high seas isn’t just for guys. Look like a million doubloons in this glitzy fanciful rhinestone pirate t-shirt.

    Visuals of Pirates always seem to only highlight legacies of the MEN! Well, with some research, we, the shirt obsessed ladies of Funny-tee-shirt.com have found an incredibly high number of famous Women Pirates dating all the way back to 232 BC! Here are a few we found particularly interesting that wearers of this shirt can educate the masses with.

    Queen Teuta of Illyria – the queen regent of the Ardiaei tribe in Illyria, who reigned approximately from 231 BC to 227 BC.

    Princess Sela – Sister of Koller, king of Norway. Horwendil (later to be father of Amleth/Hamlet) was King of Jutland but gave up the throne to become a pirate. Koller “deemed it would be a handsome deed” to kill the pirate and sailed to find the pirate fleet. Horwendil killed Koller but had to later kill Sela, who was a skilled warrior and experienced pirate, to end the war. Recorded in the Gesta Danorum.

    Alvid – Leader of a group of male and female pirates. Also recorded in the Gesta Danorum.

    Wigbiorg, Hetha and Wisna – All three are listed in the Gesta Danorum as sea captains. Wigbiorg died in battle, Hetha became queen of Zealand, and Wisna lost a hand in a duel.

    Æthelflæd aka The Lady of the Mercians – This one is BADASS. Eldest daughter of Alfred the Great of England. Became the military leader of the Anglo-Saxons after her husband’s death in battle against the Danes in 911. Took command of the fleets to rid the seas of the Viking raiders.

    Jeanne de Clisson – Revenge at his best with this one… The “Lioness of Brittany”. A French woman who became a pirate to avenge the execution of her husband. Attacked only French vessels.

    Elise Eskilsdotter – Another lady on a vengeful mission! A Norwegian noble who became a pirate to avenge the execution of her husband. She operated outside the sea of the city of Bergen.

    Lady Mary Killigrew – Mary was the daughter of a former Suffolk pirate. Mary’s husband Sir Henry Killigrew, a former pirate himself, was made a Vice-Admiral by Queen Elizabeth I and tasked with suppressing piracy. Whenever her husband went to sea Mary engaged in piracy using the staff of her castle (Arwenack Castle in Cornwall) as crew and possibly with the Queen’s knowledge. In 1570 she captured a German merchant ship off Falmouth and her crew sailed it to Ireland to sell. However, the owner of this ship was a friend of Queen Elizabeth who then had Lady Mary arrested and brought to trial at the Launceston assizes. Some sources say she was sentenced to death and then pardoned by the Queen but this is due to confusion with another family member. According to sources, her family either bribed the jurors and she was acquitted or Queen Elizabeth arranged a short jail sentence. Whatever transpired, she gave up pirating and took up fencing stolen goods until she died several years later.

    Mary Read, alias Mark Read – Mary went has far as to disguise herself as a MAN to enter the Pirate arena. As a man Mary went to sea and later joined the British army, fighting inthe War Of The Spanish Succession. Mary married and settled down as a woman but returned to male dress following the death of her husband, later boarding a ship bound for the West Indies. Captured by “Calico” Jack Rackham, Mary joined his crew. In 1721, she died in prison.

    Ching Shih – She was a Chinese prostitute who married a pirate and rose to prominence after his death. Regarded as one of the most powerful pirates in human history she commanded her husband’s fleet after his death. While the fleet she inherited was already large she further increased the number of ships and crew. At its height her fleet was composed of more than 1,500 ships and 80,000 sailors. She controlled much of the waters of the South China Sea. After years of piracy where British, Chinese and Portuguese navies could not defeat her China offered her peace in 1810 and she was able to retire and married the second in command.

    These are just to name a FEW. Wear this shirt and represent all of the badass Pirate ladies of the past!

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