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    Shirts for anyone needing to express “Back The Hell Off Sayings

    by ©JKW

    Fighting for your life on the front lines-or just with your inner demons? Fan of the military, Army, Navy, Marines, or a Celebrated Vet? Show your appreciation for our armed forces by rocking “chaos and disorder” tees.

    Tee-shirts are far too tame, at least that’s my perspective. By far and large there aren’t enough companies out there that are offering good tees that don’t have a brand logo on them or something else equally weak. What’s the fun in that? Why don’t we ever see t-shirts that totally rock or go against the status quo? There are seriously far too few of these out there. How about tees that convey the raw concept of combat, chaos, military prowess and just plain ‘ol “back the hell off” sort of attitude? If this sounds like your forte and the kind of tees you’d like to wear or get for a relative-Check these t-shirts out.

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