Meat Is Murder. Tasty Tasty Murder. Funny T Shirt Classic
  • Meat Is Murder. Tasty Tasty Murder. Funny T Shirt Classic

    Meat Is Murder. Tasty. Flame-Broiled Delicious Murder.
    by © JKW


    For all of us into Atkins, South Beach, The Zone and other low carb diets here is a t-shirt that celebrates our carnivorous heritage. Sure, vegetables like potatoes and broccoli have their

    place on our dinner plates but when you get down to it few things satisfy the appetite like a Porterhouse steak seared on a grill. MEAT IS MURDER TASTY TASTY MURDER expresses my sentiments on this subject to a tee. PETA has some fine goals and I hate to see any animal mistreated. I’m against cruelty in any form except to certain members of my own family. So cruelty is out, but for me barbeque is in. We are all part of a vast food chain and when I wear the funny t-shirt that declares me a Food Chain Winner it affirms to one and all that not only am not ashamed of who I am but I also can laugh at myself and life. Dining on a steer is as comfortable to me as the prospect of my body nourishing the grass and all the squishy bugs that keep the soil aerated and fertile after I die. Embrace the whole of which we are all a part. Eat your meat.

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    Food Chain Winner

    Meat is Murder, tasty tasty murder

    I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie

    by © JKW

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