The Power of Self Expression

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No two people are alike. This is called being an INDIVIDUAL (#WordOfTheDay). Whether someone doesn’t like you, your beliefs, your ideals, or even your hair, it doesn’t matter. Never change for ANYONE.

With this sentiment in mind, team Funny Tee Shirt has gathered, and continues to gather, a wide variety of shirts, accessories, and random things that equip each and every one of you with tools to visually express yourself.

Are you snarky? Does your Mom get mad when you make sarcastic remarks? Are you super into Dragons? Is coffee your equivalent to oxygen? Do you truly believe that you are right about everything? Are cats ALWAYS capable of putting a smile on your face? Do Zombies excite (rather than scare) you? Do you love the US Government? Or do you think Washington, DC is full of dressed up idiots? Do you prioritize video games over a love life? Or maybe you are one of those Ren Faire folks.


We honestly strive to find a special something that speaks to, and for, individuals. We are not a One-Size-Fits-All Outfit (get it? outfit?).

Team Funny Tee Shirt