Cats On Shirts Are Cute - Felines Are the Cat’s Meow
  • Cats On Shirts Are Cute – Felines Are the Cat’s Meow

    Cats On Shirts Are Cute

    Felines Are the Cat’s Meow. All Cats have different personalities. Find a shirt to suit your furry friend!

    by JKW ©2009

    Anyone who has been owned by a cat knows that in addition to being pretty they provide nearly endless hours of amusement. These cuddly little creatures with their cat whiskers and fluffy tails are popular with all ages and are an easy pet to own. I find that those who love the company of cats enjoy sharing their affection for felines with those around them.

    Cat owners often showcase their kitten with a cat t-shirt – especially if the picture on the tee looks like their kitty. While others put clever observations about life with cats or maybe the view of life from a cat perspective.

    The array of types of cat tees is endless – with some that show a particular type of cat like an Angora, Persian, Siamese, Tonkinese, or Manx.

    Other cat t shirts have the cats dressed up in characters representing an interest of yours like wearing cowboy gear, reading with glasses or sleeping in bed. I myself prefer to display the friendly feline in the grand scheme of life the universe and everything. If people were better at taking care of cats, then our civilization might survive as long as the Egyptians who certainly knew how to treat them like royalty. Well OK, they went a bit far when instead of like royalty they treated them like deities.

    Cats are fun and Cats on Shirts are a great way to start up a conversation with someone. Maybe you’ll find a kindred spirit right around the corner, in the mall or on your way to the dry cleaners. If nothing else it makes sense to be yourself.

    Feline t-shirts are festive and they can be an excellent gift for a cat lover as they will be thrilled when you get one for them as they will know that you are getting them something personal. What better kind of gift is that? Whatever you want to call them – cats, kittens or little meows – cats are great and so are cat tees.

    by JKW ©2009 – A Lady Who Loves and Adores her Kittys

    People who love cats need lots of shirts (it’s a fur thing). Here are some cat t-shirts you may want to gift to yourself or a purrrr fect present to the cat fancier in your life.


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