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    Fang Banger

    An explanation of the term “Fang Banger” frequently used in HBO’s hit series True Blood. After reading, scroll down to find some of the great wannabe Fang Banger Attire.


    The term fang banger has been used a lot in HBO’s series True Blood. Bill Compton and Eric Northman are the cool yet metaphorically hot vampires that millions of women would eagerly yield to if only in their dreams. With a vampire that means blood as well as sex. Sookie Stackhouse can not really be called a fang banger as far as I am concerned because she isn’t involved to get “high” on vampire blood but instead was looking for someone whose thoughts weren’t constantly bombarding her and she found that peace of mind in the undead.

    The term “Fang Banger” may have originated on True Blood but the term covers a phenomenon that has been around as long a vampire fiction has been around. It simply describes someone who wants to, has been or is currently having sex with a vampire and volunteering to let said vampire drink their blood. When I was a tween I can remember running home after school to see Dark Shadows. Now as an adult I can see it was very campy but to my tender Junior High School sensibilities it was mesmerizing. I was only one of millions of female viewers who dreamed of being carried off by Barnabas Collins. I know that dark Shadows wasn’t the first story to have that effect on women. It goes back to Bella Lugosi’s Dracula. Now many men as well as women are into the scene and I have a suspicion it has something to do with relinquishing responsibility for one’s own behavior and allowing the primal beast out to play.


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