A Guide To The World's Best Funny T-Shirts
  • A Guide To The World’s Best Funny T-Shirts

    A Guide To The World’s Best Funny T-Shirts

    There is something iconic about memorable slogans on funny t-shirts that seems to hold the imagination of people around the world. In fact, unlike other garments where the quality of materials and patterns is what matter most, most people will buy a t-shirt simply because they love the message emblazoned to the front or the back. Some of the leading global celebrities have immortalized a number of some otherwise innocuous t-shirt slogans and graphics.

    Some t-shirts are noted for the brevity of their messages that catch on the imagination of the public. Some years ago there was a picture of twins that caused a major buzz on social media and caused irrepressible chuckles from those who viewed the photo. The kids were actually peacefully asleep and would otherwise have not been an object of note except when you looked at the tees their parents opted to dress them in. One of the twin had the legend ‘CUT’ spread on her cute tee while the other had the equally cryptic ‘PASTE’ denoted. On their own the two words would not have caused any excitement but when you place them side by side the interest of every person who has used a computer with a mouse was piqued.

    As noted in the introduction, celebrities have chosen to use t-shirt slogans to communicate messages to the media and their fans. One of the most noted personalities to use T-shirts as a medium of communication is the stunning female songstress, Britney Spears. Whenever she appears in a tee or casual top in public, you can be certain that there will be a message emblazoned across her bosom representing a simple maxim or just a phrase she feels needs to get across to the media and on to her myriad fans from around the world.

    There has as well been some notable scandals and embarrassing moments that have been traced to a t-shirt message. In 2005, the celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angellina Jollie were going through a rough patch in their relationship. Amidst a scandal that the media did not seem to be tiring of, Eva Longoria decided to add some further controversy. Eva was photographed wearing a T-shirt with the legend ‘I have your baby Brad’. This action was described as unnecessary and escalated the controversy even further.

    David Beckham, the celebrated soccer player who has played in major European leagues such as the English premiership and the Spanish La Liga has also had what many will say is more than a fair share of T-shirt slogan infamy. He has been known to appear in public in a T-shirt that spots the message “Protect the Skin You’re in”… Nothing wrong with that you will agree. However, behind the letters was an image of his equally famous wife Victoria wearing nothing but her skin!

    But the wearer of a funny or pithily worded t-shirt does not need to be a world famous celebrity for the message to prove memorable. It could be a young child or a random guy caught in the camera as a news event happens in the street. May be you have gone to a baby shower and got a pleasant surprise on the T-shirt the baby was wearing. Consider how funny proven embarrassing if you held the baby who was up until then quiet and she suddenly bowls out with crying. It may not seem like much up until you glance at the shirt they are wearing and notice it features the legend ‘I CRY WHEN UGLY PEOPLE HOLD ME!’.

    Some of the most memorable way to raise curiosity is to print a decidedly humorous or provocative message on the front and put the kicker line on the back of it. The person who reads the message to the front will be dying to see what is written on the back and the trouble of turning your neck usually worth it every time. You can consider a T-shirt with the message ‘Coffee, Chocolate, Men…’ on the front. You will have to smile when you at the back the kicker line: ‘… Some things are just better rich’! Or the front of a not so tall person’s tee declaring “Hey! I’m not short!” you could be saying to yourself ‘really?’ only to turn back and see the t-shirt bears the message “I am fun-size” to the back.

    Going by the enthusiasm shown by fashion icons around the world, the allure and magnetism of funny t-shirts is unlikely to end any time soon. There are designs readily available on the internet today for someone looking for inspiration. All one needs to do is download the most fanciful of them and print them on blank T-shirts and a global brand is born.

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